It's a bit nippy in my dwellings right now. There is no central heating and all but one space heater can seem to run without confusing the breakers. But that is all well and good because I have my telly, crumpets, 4 blankets, an obese feline on my lap and the whole box set of Jeeves & Wooster.





It's that time of year where I hope everyone has watched or is about to watch Young Frankenstein. 

Marty Feldman was a good lookin' fella', I'm serious!  I could just draw those eyeballs all day. 




It's October at last my friends and if you're a comic makin'  mama or daddy then you gotta check out roughhousecomics.com (it's a comic anthology) and you'll see me promoting it a lot because it's partly my paper child. So that being said submit some o' that sweet sweet beautiful comic artwork. Speaking of comics here's a little doo dad comic. Enjoy!