In college my friend Aaron 'Aaron West' West and I would get together over beers and collaborate on a comic strip called 'Gary Busey's Teeth' that would run every other day in The Daily Texan. For April Fools we did another, just for old time's sake!

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It's SXSW time and oh what a crazy time to live Austin. I just so happened to see Shaq and we locked eyes, he grabbed my arm in his beefy but gentle hand and whispered in my ear a glorious comic idea that he would be the star of--for SHAQZINE of course.

See ya later Shaq!


Last weekend was the 10th annual Staple Independent Media Expo in Austin and it was happenin'. I met some wonderful comic artists who I hope I keep in touch with and woah! there were lot's of people (not necessarily at my table though). Rough House 2 was unable to debut that weekend but it will be worth the wait! Official release has yet to be decided but keep those calendars open for the last week in April or never. Honestly this thing could go either way. THAT WAS A JOKE, it is definitely being printed as I type this boring ol' blog post.

Here's a page from my own little zine called 'all my pets are dead'.


Coming Soon



š! #16 ‘Villages’ cover by Anna Vaivare

Contributors: Anna Vaivare (Latvia), Anne Stalinski (The Netherlands), Anthony Meloro (USA), Celine de Cadt (Belgium), Chris Reijnen (Belgium), Daniel Almeida (Brazil), David Biskup (UK), Evangelos Androutsopoulos (Finland, Greece), Gillian Rhodes (USA), Jana Vasiljević (Serbia), Kara Sievewright (Canada), Kawai Shen (Canada), König Lü.Q. (Switzerland), Lauri Mäkimurto (Finland), Oliver East (UK), Paddy Lynch (Ireland), Placid (France) and Sandra Rummler (Germany).

Specs: Format DIN A6, 164 pages, full-color, perfect bound, English, locally printed in Riga on environmentally friendly paper, ISBN 978-9934-518-11-9, will be released on 4th of March 2014, $14.00 (including S/H).

Read more about it on our blog and order it now!

Hobby Lobby Grapes

Hobby Lobby Grapes--WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH THAT?!  Seriously friends, next time you are in a Hobby Lobby store see how many clusters of grape you can spot. Too many to count would be my guess. I'm overwhelmed every time I enter that hell hole that smells like wonderful. One day I shall have a bouncy house full of HOB LOB grapes. I think that might be fun.


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